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Backflow preventer services

✓   Compliance
✓   Maintenance
✓   Testing
✓   Building WoF

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What is Backflow Control?

Safe and clean drinking water is something we all need and rely on. 

Backflow control is important to protect that water supply from contamination. This allows water to flow in only one direction. Any system that is linked to a water supply has the ability to contaminate it with unwanted fluids.

Backflow Control Services is made up of a team of experts and professionals in the Backflow Industry. We pride ourselves in quality and efficient services and want to ensure we provide you with the best experience possible.

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How can Backflow Control Services help you?

Why would I need
Backflow Control Services

If you use any system that needs to be linked to water, you need a Backflow preventer.
This could be from systems like:

  • Industrial premises
  • Commercial premises
  • Residential premises
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Untreated water storage tanks
  • Boilers
  • & more

If you aren't sure if you need Backflow Control, give us a call.
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If you are not sure if your Backflow Water preventer is compliant or protecting your water system, Backfow Control services can provide an audit to let you know any requirements for compliance. We provide you the knowledge and then can complete any actions to ensure your backflow device is doing its job.

If you need help with your Backflow, give us a call.


Backflow water prevention requires ongoing maintenance to ensure your water supply's safety. If you are concerned with your Backflow prevention device, get in touch!

We can help advise you on the next steps to take or provide you with our services to repair any issue.


We provide Backflow testing services. Any Backflow appliances need to be tested annually to be compliant.

If you have an existing Backflow Prevention device that is needing to be tested, or a newly installed device that is needing to be tested for your Building Warrant of fitness, we can help!

Building Warrant of Fitness

We can complete a Building Warrant of Fitness. Ensure your building safety and compliance, with our expert BWoF. We can help building owners by providing a stress free inspection with their best interest at heart.

Looking for an expert to complete your BWoF? Get in touch

Talk to an expert about your Backflow Control concerns

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